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Here's some of the blurb from their website:

4th – 29th September 2012

Britain’s foremost celebrity photographer, Richard Young, will exhibit his most prized images of the late Elizabeth Taylor, in a Limited Edition collection spanning almost 40 years of her dazzling and iconic life.

This exclusive exhibition will take place at Richard’s gallery in Kensington, The Richard Young Gallery.

Richard says:
“I could not be more proud of the images I have taken of Elizabeth Taylor – she truly was a star. I was very young when I first started photographing her and I remember how I once gate crashed a party she threw for Richard Burton. I decided to hang out with the DJ (I asked him not to blow my cover), he then let me spin a few tunes, then as soon as the cake came out I got the shot, ‘The Kiss’, that came to sum up the powerful love affair of two of our greatest screen icons. I was asked to leave moments later, but it didn’t matter, it was a beautiful photograph of this incredible woman with the man she loved. Some weeks later, her office rang me and asked for a copy of the photograph, so I guess she loved it too!”

The exhibition, an homage to one of the greatest stars of our time, will comprise 18 iconic limited edition images in both colour and black & white, some of which were featured in the Richard Young documentary, Celebrity Exposed, recently aired on Sky Arts and available now on Sky Go.