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Graphic geometric patterns in iconic black and white are appearing everywhere from flooring and fabrics to home accessories. Pattern and scale are being mixed to create dynamic kaleidoscopic effects, as seen in LivingEtc’s decorating focus by Hannah Franklin featuring the striking Cole & Son Tile design.

Black & White Wallpaper
Geometric II offers a host of monochrome motifs inspired by Art Deco architecture and styling from across the globe.

Miami makes a splash in New York

Marks & Frantz opulent, indulgent Games Room for the Holiday House Design Show New York.

Interior designers Lydia Marks and Lisa Frantz, known for creating iconic, fashion-driven film set decoration (Sex and the City/The Devil Wears Prada), have created a space inspired by the luxury games room craze, bringing their signature mix of intense color, bold pattern, custom and antique furnishings and unbridled fun to Holiday House NYC to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The room features Geometric II Miami 105/4018 papered in bespoke panels painted a deep teal.

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Miami Wallpaper - Cole & SonMiami Wallpaper - Cole & Son 2
The Miami design featured above was created following Creative Director Shauna Dennison’s trip to Miami. Inspired by the colourful and exuberant architecture of South Beach, Miami and the lush and tropical vegetation of the region, this wallpaper depicts giddy layers of elegant tiled terraces, collonades and pillars, interspersed with verdant palms and exotic flora. Although digitally printed, this design has its origins in sketches and drawings. Every palm tree, terrace and tile was drawn by hand, the structure planned out with pen and paper and then finally the elements interlocked to form this striking Escher like pattern.

Miami Wallpaper - Cole & Son 3

Cole & Son has had another year of fantastic growth in 2015, with the launches of Whimsical in January and Geometric II in September. These collections have been well received globally with the most popular designs emerging as…


Cole & Son Whimsical
Geometric II

The enduring Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds, featuring fluttering birds on delicate foliage, was originally designed in 1772 and remains one of the most beloved and iconic Cole & Son wallpapers to this day. Originally a 27 colour block print finished with hand painted elements, each colour within the design has its own numbered wooden block, which remain in our archive today.
Currently produced as a 12 colour surface print, Hummingbirds now sits in our Archive Anthology collection with two new colourways of jewel toned birds on an indigo ground and a second softer colouring of pretty pastel birds on a delicate ivory ground. These sit alongside the classic duck egg, soft blue and cream grounds.
One of Cole & Son’s most popular designs, Hummingbirds has universal appeal, being seen in pretty chintzy interiors, mid-century modern style rooms and contemporary industrial spaces.