Why do we work so hard to not spend money on our homes.  Why do we feel it is frivolous, wasteful or materialistic.  You buy a car every 7 years, hair cuts every couple of months, nails even more often, clothes regularly -why do we always hunt for a bargain for our homes - you would never buy your entire wardrobe from Primark - with clothing you learn the art of mixing and matching inexpensive with designer pieces - your walls are like your coat, they are not underneath anything, they are not hidden from view, they are what you see - treat them with the respect they deserve after all you are paying enough to look at them, whether its through rent or mortgage repayments - in America, where they blog about everything, apparently one should spend 10% of their pay on clothes.  We would would suggest that walking through your front door at the end of the day should look as good as when you look in the mirror at the start of the day. Remember when you invest in your home, unlike when you buy a car where the value has halved by the time you drive it out of the forecourt, investing in your home only increases its value and your well-being.  This is one stock that will rise.

The French spend the most on their clothes, The British spend the most on buying their homes but the Belgians treat the interiors of their homes like the French treat their wardrobe, they constantly change and update.

The British home is his castle and he spends fortunes on purchasing it.  Some European countries tend to rent their homes rather than buy yet they still spend more on their interiors than the British.  It is time to treat your home with the respect it deserves.

For a bit of inspiration - all those TV series we love have styled their homes with as much care as they have dressed the actors.  That's why they work.  That's why we love them.  Next time you are watching take a look at the wonderful wallpapers in Mr Selfridge and Downton Abbey.  To get the look at home click on the images below.

Mr Selfridge


Downton Abbey Wallpaper - Dukes Damask