Table Setting

Stunning table setting featuring Virginia Casa's Corona Collection.

Creatively packaging your table can have compelling results.

A formal table setting doesn't need untold amounts of pieces to look elegant.

Keeping it simple and clean will ensure guests feel comfortable and is much less overwhelming.

table setting featuring Lastra collection.

The basics for your table setting:

Forks on the left and Knives on the right.

First course cutlery should be placed on the outside and remaining courses will work inwards.

Plates can also be ordered in the sequence they are used, for example:

A soup plate will sit atop a salad plate and lastly a dinner plate.

Gorgeous Tovaglia range makes a fun, rustic table setting.

Finishing touches:

It is easy to make your place setting a bit more dignified.

Using table runners of corresponding colour to your tableware is always very effective (as seen in the first picture).

This means that you can add extra colour through accessories and finishing touches.

Using coloured glassware is an effective way to bring some fun to the table.

If you would rather classic glassware try some floral details to spruce up your table and make it feel fresh.

Beautiful Romantica table setting accompanied by a fruity floral arrangement

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