Historically, Curtains have been beautifully made in Britain due primarily to the fact that the old buildings had such dreadful drafts that lined and interlined curtains worked as the best insulator of heat!

In the past when the curtains were often the feature of the room one would hang ones curtains and only then decorate the walls. Today, of course, there is so much more choice with samples and paint colours that these decisions can be made prior to any installation. The most important decision for your curtains for home is to ensure your curtain fabric colour and fabric, length and lining.

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Fabric is the essential part of choosing the curtain as the material will dictate how the curtains will hang and hold up over time. Long curtains can be hung in different ways. Watch video guide.

If you want them to fold crisply and neatly when drawn, make sure they are not too heavy.

If you prefer a more relaxed look, like a suit, linen will is your answer.

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Fabric colours do fade. If your room is flooded with light and you have chosen bright colours, do blackout line them as otherwise your colours will fade.

Same with silk, it will not only fade it will rot. Silk must always be black out lined. Lining and interlining give your window curtains their body and fullness.

Neutral colours tend to fade less than other colours and those that do not want to make a feature of their windows but rather have the curtains blend into their room prefer to use a neutral palette.

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What height should your curtains be?

The closer you can hang your curtain to the ceiling, the higher your room will feel. Traditionally curtains were only hung a few inches above the frame.

Today, however, curtains are hung much higher and the overall effect is more dramatic.

Should your curtains just touch the floor or puddle on them?

If you want a very modern curtain with a crisp look, ,then let the curtain just hit the floor. For a more traditional, relaxed look, allow the fabric to puddle on the floor a few inches.

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How wide should your curtains and drapes be?

The wider they are, the less they will encroach on your window light when open. Try and ensure a few inches both sides so when the curtains are open, the leading edge of the curtain just covers the window frame and ensures maximum light in the day.

The windows will not only feel larger but the insulation will be assisted as all the fabric framing the window will keep any drafts away.

How full should your curtains be?

It depends upon your stack – how much space do you have to stack your curtains? A more contemporary look has less fullness. A more traditional look usually allows a minimum of 2.5 fullness to the curtain.

Traditionally a house would have summer and winter curtains.

Today a heavier curtain with a thinner voile also known as a sheer curtain, allows you not only privacy during the day but a lighter look during the warmer months.

A wonderful look for any window is a sheer fabric with a more luxurious velvet or lined and interlined linen as the top layer.

Trick your eye and get the most of your windows.

Light is precious.

Extend your curtains as far left and right and top and bottom as you can.

Your room will feel larger and lighter.

For Bedroom Curtains this is key as it will help block out the light at night.


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For some curtains are too overpowering. Curtains and Roman Blinds are both used to dress your windows.

A roman blind is a great alternative way to dress your window and create a modern, contemporary look. Ideally the fabric should be light weight in order to create those crisp looking folds.

Medium weight cottons, linens and blends are ideal. Roman blinds can be hung above the window and when up they can sit just on the frame.

However, the width should follow the frame. The light will not be blocked out completely as it will filter through the sides. A blackout roller blind within the frame is the solution if you want a blackout window at night.

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You can buy curtains online. Not only ready made to size but also bespoke your own sizes with a choice of fantastic colours and textures. Bespoke curtains and blinds allows you to create your own look from the comfort of your home.

Bespoke velvet curtains are very popular as they embrace both the traditional as well as the contemporary look.

Bespoke Blinds work well with cotton. Velvet can be quite bulky and linen often shows the stitching.

Kensington Design are proud to be bespoke curtain makers in London. Buy bespoke fabric curtains and blinds online.