With the arrival of Spring and British Summer Time pushing the clocks an hour forward, the mornings and evenings are now much noticeably lighter, offering a refreshing change from the endless dark nights we lived through throughout the winter months. The only downside to these wonderful lighter and brighter mornings is the interrupted sleep we all experience due to the drawn out daylight and earlier arrivals of sunrises. However, with blackout blinds, the majority – if not all of the light – will be blocked out and keep your bedroom dark and allow you to enjoy restful and uninterrupted sleep. At Kensington Design our wonderful designers have detailed why there are also a large amount of other benefits of that come from having blackout blinds.

Protect Your Privacy:
As blackout blinds are made from a thicker material which, as well as blocking light from getting into a room, also blocks any light inside the house from being seen by anyone outside. This makes blackout blinds also ideal for other rooms such as bathrooms as well as other areas of your home that you want to keep private – as not even shadows will be seen. This is because blackout blinds have a second blackout layer, so are thicker than standard fabrics, meaning it is harder for light to pass through them whether it’s coming from inside or outside your property.

luxury bathroom with blackout blind

Reducing Noise:
As with all insulators, whether that’s double glazing or fully lined curtains and blinds, blackout blinds can have a significant and positive impact on noise reduction within your property perfect if you live by a busy road or in a city and use them in your bedroom. Noise from outside can be just as disturbing, if not more so disturbing, than sunlight. However, a well-made blackout blind can completely block out or significantly reduce the amount of noise that affects your bedroom. Having blackout blinds in your bedroom can prevent you from be awakened by the sounds of cars passing by, early morning lawn moving chores or from children playing outside – all ensuring you can sleep in when you want and for however long you want.

modern bedroom with crittal window and blackout blind

Cutting Energy Costs:
Another added benefit of having blackout window treatments is that they are extremely energy efficient and can help save on your energy bills. As blackout blinds have a thicker material, this can help insulate your room by keeping the heat or air inside whilst also blocking out any drafts. Blackout blinds can also help in the summer months and cool down your room by significantly reducing the amount of sun and heat entering your room. Blackout blinds are the perfect solution to keep your bedroom comfortable for sleep all year round and ensure each night you get all the rest you need.

luxury living room with brown blackout roller blinds

Pick Your Style:
Blackout blinds do not need to come in just one style or in one colour. Blackout blinds can come in a variety of colours so you can be assured that whatever colour you choose will suit or complement the current interior décor of your room. The most popular styles we choose and recommend for our clients and customers are Roman and roller blinds in the bedroom for the most effective way to eliminate light. We also love that any blackout blinds can also be used alongside curtains too, for extra window treatment options and to add the perfect finishing touches to your room.

modern bedroom with blinds and curtains

At Kensington Design we understand the importance of discussing your requirements with our wonderful designers, to ensure that you choose the most appropriate blind for your needs, and also so that they can provide you with a blind that is made to measure and fits perfectly. At Kensington Design, we offer just such a service, and will be more than happy to advise you on the most suitable blackout blind. We provide blackout blinds in a range of styles, sizes and types, including Roman and Roller Blinds, so whether you’re after a blackout blind for your child’s bedroom or for your new home cinema, we would be more than delighted to help. To see our full range and to speak to a member of our team, why not drop us an email here and one of our designers will be right on hand to assist you with your enquiry.