As the nights get longer, the temperatures being to drop and the leaves fall, we find ourselves gravitating to design that embraces comfort and warmth. As one of the most important rooms in our lives, our bedroom should be a warm sanctuary – with the help of interior designers tips and tricks you do not need to reach for the thermostat to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. So whether you’re set on overhauling your sleeping quarters or just want some low-effort, big-impact tips on how to create a refuge of warmth and cosiness, consider these five cosy bedroom ideas from London best interior designers to get you started.

Curtain Call:

Bare, cold windows are the biggest culprit of making our bedrooms feel icy cold in the mornings and nights and stop the space from feeling snug and comfortable. When trying to keep your bedroom as warm as possible during the winter (without having to reach for the thermostat) it’s important not to skimp out on window treatments. Dramatic drapes are a great way to warm up your bedroom – and work especially well with larger windows. You can see our bespoke curtains collection online

Try layering two different types of fabric to play up the warmth even more through loads of texture. Drapes and curtains do not need to stop right at floor level either – letting them pile up a little at the bottom showcases their thickness and creates a more relaxed look. Consider the option of mixing blinds with your curtains as this will block out even more cold outdoor air whilst aesthetically adding some extra drama to your windows. However, if both blinds and curtains feel too much or overwhelming for your bedroom it’s always good to consider a pelmet – this added texture then creates more warmth.

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Embrace Natural Materials:

A brilliant way to create a space that exudes warmth is to introduce natural elements and materials into your bedroom. Wood – especially dark wood, is a great insulating material that can be used in many ways. Other great natural options include rattan, wool and linen. Use natural materials liberally and try to avoid large elements with reflective metals and plastics as they will make a room seem harsh and manufactured. Smaller metallic or plastic accents such as furniture feet or knobs are generally fine.

Choosing wood and color tone? This may be helpful, Click here.

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Start With a Cosy Foundation:

The perfect Autumn/Winter bed is made up of many different layers of cosiness and unwinding after a busy day is far easier if you feel like you’ve landed on a supportive yet marshmallow-like surface from the moment you lie down. The best way to achieve this is to get a good mattress topper – these are easily added to the top of your mattress (they come with elastic straps that you can hook over the corners of the mattress). Not only will a mattress topper help you physically feel warmer at night, it will also give your mattress a new lease of life whilst helping to support your body comfortably all night. Now you have your foundation sorted it is time to focus on your duvet – having a summer and winter duvet is a great investment and will keep you comfortable throughout both seasons. During the winter aim to choose a duvet with a high tog (duvets come with a tog rating to indicate how warm they are – with 15 being the highest). Winter duvets are thicker but do not be fooled by their aesthetic thickness and instead look for the tog rating as many duvets now contain intelligent fibres that create high levels of warmth compared to the thickness of a duvet filling.

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Throws & Pillows:

Chances are that your bed is the biggest and most visually impacting item in your room. There are many ways to create a warm cosy atmosphere in just the sole way that your bed is dressed – from the bed linen to decorative pillows and throw blankets. A great way to add an element of depth, texture and warmth is to add more pillows to your bed.

Piles of chic throw pillows tossed onto your bed brings in a sense of cosiness and makes the room (and bed) feel much more welcoming. Use pillows of varying sizes and colour to add extra depth – creating volume is the most important aspect of this look as the extra pillows make your bed look comfier and more inviting. Visit our pillow size guide.

When choosing your bed linen there are two colour options that create a sense of warmth – soft white bed linen will bathe your bedroom in a relaxing glow during sunnier days in the winter months, whilst using rich deep tones such as dark navy blue or a strong dove grey will feel more cosy and all-encompassing during darker grey days and nights. Add a final cosy touch to your bed by adding a big and heavy throw blanket. A chunky blanket draped over the end of your bed (or even hanging off the back of a chair in your room) also adds a huge amount of texture and warmth to your space.

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Calming Shades:

The colour of our walls has most possibly the biggest effect on whether our bedroom will exude a sense of warmth and cosiness, and although many like clean white walls, they can unfortunately feel cold and stark in the winter light. When it comes to textures and colours, think soothing and calm rather than pops of bright colour. Soothing pastel shades are not only uplifting but maintain a serene and spring-like feel all year round. If you want to avoid sugary pinks and purples, a great option is to choose a light blue or light grey shade. However, no matter what the colour of your walls are, opting for your bedroom furniture and soft furnishings all in a soft neutral palette will instantly make the room feel more relaxed and homely.

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