Each and every year hundreds of highly respected designers, architects and paint manufacturing representatives gather throughout the year in order to discuss what colour trends they have seen from the catwalk to the street side. Each team of respected interior design experts will then work on transforming those insights into a number of key paint colour trends that will have impact on homes across the world. To broaden the spectrum and variety, the teams will also curate a limited palette that works harmoniously with their chosen colour for 2020.

Dulux: Tranquil Dawn

At Dulux HQ the team came together to declare their colour of the year as the soothing sage coloured ‘Tranquil Dawn’. The colour is said to be inspired by the morning sky and encouraged to be used in rooms that are dedicated to self-care or play where creativity can be encouraged. As our world becomes increasingly more turbulent and digital-focused, there has been a human drive towards a desire for meaning and kindness. This versatile colour of 2020 is highly versatile and unlike most green shades, it appears to change according to the tones that it’s paired with – from a warm palette to a soft and neutral one, ‘Tranquil Dawn’ will work harmoniously with a number of colours. When paired with a sandy tone it creates a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere that is suited to focus on wellbeing and positive interactions. Choosing fabrics and soft furnishings that are comforting and cosy will complete this light and airy look. 

Tranquil Dawn 2020

Sherwin Williams: Naval SW 6244

Unlike the calming vibes that Dulux have envisaged in their colour of the year, Sherwin Williams have opted to choose a far richer and bold colour, naming a gorgeous shade of blue – Naval SW 6244 – as their colour for 2020. Sherwin Williams see the new and approaching year as a year to empower and that focuses on encouraging change and bringing the best possible self into the new decade. A nod to the Art Deco influence, ‘Naval’ brings together the striking and bold glamour of Art Deco along with the awe-inspiring power of nature – from an inky night sky to the deep dark depths of our oceans. The team at Sherwin Williams see 2020 as a year that places great importance on biophilia and our intrinsic need as humans to interact with nature. The greater use of plants in the home and mineral based materials such as marble all allow us to create a natural sanctuary that we hope to encourage and rejuvenate in.

Naval blue SW 6244

Behr: Back to Nature

A strong trend for the emerging colours of 2020 is the teams of designers and analyst’s finding their inspiration for their colours from all aspects within nature. Very much like Dulux’s ‘Tranquil Dawn’, Behr have also chosen a light green shade named ‘Back to Nature’ for the New Year. The brand describes the colour as calm, gracious, balanced and a great way to bring the outside in. Behr’s Vice President of Colour and Creative Services explains that “getting out there in nature also is known to have a huge impact, a positive impact, on our health and wellbeing… It has also been shown to improve creativity, boost memory, and improve your problem-solving skills…” If one thing is for certain, Behr’s chosen colour is a reminder and nod of encouragement for us to engage with the Great Outdoors.

Behr Back to Nature

Benjamin Moore: First Light

America’s long-standing paint company Benjamin Moore have named a pretty little pink ‘First Light’ as it’s crowned winner for 2020. Benjamin Moore’s Director of Colour Marketing and Development, Andrea Magno, details on why they chose this light shade: “We selected First Light as our Colour of the Year 2020 to represent a new dawn of idealism, design and living. First Light reflects a new definition of the home – a shift in mind set from the material to satisfying the core needs in life: community, comfort, security, self-expression, authenticity and ultimately, opsitmism.” First Light is a great alternative to warm neutrals such as cream or beige as the colour is soft but also cheerful enough to bring joy to any space. The soft and dusky rose tone flatters any space and reflects the desire to bring in blush tones to grown-up spaces and a desire to introduce colour overall into our environment.

Benjamin Moore First Light

Graham & Green

Proving a strong trend amongst many paint companies, Graham and Green have thought in the same green coloured mind-set as Dulux and Behr by naming their deep emerald green ‘Adeline’ hue as their colour for 2020. The company explains that Adeline was the given name of the notorious writer Virginia Woolf, who was a main figure within the Bloomsbury group that she founded with her sister. Adeline is a gorgeous deep and rich bottle green hue that feels luxurious and works well with most other colours. Green is a hugely purposeful colour when used in our homes and thanks to its association with nature it’s the perfect shade to welcome the outdoors in. Reminiscent of lush foliage this shade is an oxygenating, fresh tone and decorating with it can breathe life into any room.

Graham and Green

Pantone Spring/Summer 2020 Colours

Although Pantone have not officially released their ‘colour of the year’, last September they released their Spring/Summer 2020 New York Fashion Week colour palette – which could be a good indication of the route and vibe of their soon to be announced colour of the year. The 12 colours in the Pantone S/S palette were inspired by what was seen on the catwalks at New York’s Fashion Week. These colours that were released are a useful steer to what colour families are popular or trending with creatives; fashion and design don’t operate under totally separate spectrums of taste after all.

Pantone color scheme

Ultimately, our homes are our own personal sanctuaries in which we can find comfort from the stresses of the every-day world. Colour holds an incredible power over how it affects our emotions, happiness and well-being. Fortunately for us the trends for 2020 all seem to point to working towards engaging with nature, the outdoors and promoting a sense of wellbeing.

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