Everyone love to incorporate wallpaper as much as they can into their homes, offices as it adds a great visual impact to the interior design of any residential or commercial space.  One of the best interior designer in London find that there is much more choice when it comes to choosing a wallpaper instead of picking out a paint. With endless variety of colours, patterns and textures there is a wallpaper fit for everyone and any space – regardless of its size or purpose. Wallpaper is also a great favourite of ours as it does not need to be confined to walls only. Our London based interior designers have provided some greats tips and explanations on where, why and how to use wallpaper throughout your home.

Go All Out

If the idea switching from paint to wallpaper is an appealing idea, why not cover all your walls – this does not need to be an overwhelming choice as there are many subtle wallpaper designs and colours that are easy to live with and stand the test of time. Something that many people get wrong is the placement of the wallpaper – it may be tempting to go bold and use a large design on all the walls, but this can be fairly tricky to get right. If you are looking to choose a wallpaper that has a subtle print or is textured it is best that the room is exposed to plenty of natural light. It is vital that your wallpaper is not ruined by plaster work that is not entirely smooth and we always advise to invest in a highly trained wallpaper hanging specialist.

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Create a Feature Wall

A wallpapered feature wall is a great way to either create of enhance an already existing focal point in the room – it will be the first thing your eye is drawn to upon entering the space. There is no hard rule on whether the wallpaper design needs to be bold just because it’s only going onto one wall. We often find that a subtle wallpaper design on one feature wall can be a more understated yet sophisticated look in a room. If you are wanting to go quite bold with your wallpaper design it is best to consider what other objects you have in the room; for example, you would not want to create a bold feature wall if the room is also filled with large and overpowering artwork – it is best to have only one focal point in the room as having too many can make the space feel chaotic. Checkout the some great feature wall ideas here.

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Reach For the Ceiling

So often in everyday life with our phones or tablet do we forget to look up at our surrounding’s. Ceilings are predominantly painted in a simple white or light colour and then left alone until a leak or crack needs to be dealt with. However, instead of referring to a ‘ceiling’ we like to take advantage of gaining extra walls for wallpapering and refer to the ceiling as the ‘fifth wall’. We have found that if clients wish to have their entire room and ceiling wallpapered then to go quite bold and creative with the wallpaper design as we find that not much effect or impact comes from a ceiling wallpapered in a subtle print. We highly recommend that you do not attempt to wallpaper your ceiling as a fun weekend DIY project and instead leave it to a trained professional due to the tricky installation and it is vital to make sure the wallpaper does not bubble or peel.

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Découpage the Furniture

Découpage is the art of decorating an object by gluing on cut outs of wallpaper designs and then coating the wallpaper and the object with layers of varnish – it’s a great way to get your DIY juices flowing and to update some existing furniture in your home! To make this a far more easy process to work effectively, we advise to stick with furniture that has clean, straight lines and simple silhouette’s, such as chest of drawers or console tables. It is also good to keep in mind that the wallpaper doesn’t have to have a pattern to make an impact and that a great alternative that is more subtle is to use wallpaper with a texture, such as grasscloth, cork or bamboo.

Bonus: Beginner's guide to decoupage

Beginner's guide to decoupage

Wallpaper your Bookcases

If we ever visit a client’s home and spot open bookshelves in the room we instantly spot a great way to inject some colour and pattern into the room by using wallpaper on the backs of open bookshelves. We like to match the wallpaper design to the colours of the soft furnishings of the room so that the wallpaper compliments the design of the room and does not be an overbearing focal point in a room.

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Decorate Your Splashback

Fancy a new splashback in your kitchen? Many do not tend to first think as wallpaper for their splashback solution, but at Kensington Design we have found a great way to introduce wallpaper into the kitchen is to cover your splashback in a wonderful wallpaper pattern – to protect the wallpaper we advise to have a layer of plexiglass to protect the splashback. When you take into consideration the cost, time and labour involved in using tiles for a new kitchen splashback, wallpaper is a creative and cost effective solution.

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