Home is a place where you come back from a long, tiring day, and take a sigh of relief. There is no place like your home to wind down and shut off from the world. A familiar ambience together with a comfortable and soothing environment make you feel “happy”, but synchronised interiors and peaceful colours can significantly boost your vigour. Unlike Fashion Trends that are ever-changing, Interior Trends stick around for a long time. Many people opt not to change the outlook of their place seasonally that is why choosing colours and interiors requires careful thought and analysis.

It’s no secret that colours play an important role and have a huge impact on the mood. People prefer using soothing tones on their walls to lighten up the area and spread positivity around them.

But, there is only one question that springs to mind. What are the colours for 2018?

According to Design Forecast, designers are calling 2018 the “Year of Strong and Bright Shades.” If you are planning to remodel, first research about what are the latest trends prevailing in 2018? Some of the Top Colours which are going to be in trend this year are:

Neutral Tones: Warm and earthy shades have always been evergreen colours for walls. “Blue for boys and Pink for girls” used to define children’s rooms. But, now, Neutral Pink, Beige, Grey are warm and inviting shades of the house. Millennial Pink ranks high on the list for a beautiful and serene room. The versatility of this colour palette gives the consumer various options to match the furniture and innovate.

Neutral Tones

Cole & Son Wallpaper

Gold in Copper out: Copper is a brownish shade of red whereas; Gold is made by blending grey with yellow. Last year, people loved the idea of using copper everywhere to give a dull and little dark look. But, 2018 is going to be a bright year with gold everywhere. Tones of yellow like mustard, pale and metallic yellow, and gold are the colours to paint the walls. Give your room a retro look with a hint of modern style by combining gold with white or blue..

Gold in Copper out

Versace as seen at Maison Objet

Bold and Beautiful: According to the latest Pantone’s Yearly Collection, Ultra Violet, Dark Plum, and Klein Blue are all set to redefine the colours of life. If you love dark and vibrant tones, these colours are your call. Dark tones of purple, red and blue are proactive colours that can change the outlook of the room. Try matching shades of varied furniture with dark tones to give a bold look.

Bold and Beautiful

Dash & Albert outdoor cushions

Greenery all around: Green is known as the “Colour for Lifetime”. It is considered an evergreen and peaceful colour. Different tones of green like avocado green, celery, sage, teal green etc. have the power to redesign the look. Tropical print wallpapers and plants added with green tones make the home look environmentally-friendly, cheerful and spreads positive vibes. The best part of using this colour is that it makes the place look graceful, pure and interesting.

Greenery all around

Cole & Son Wallpaper

Passion for Red: Red is the colour of passion, love and depth. Many people love playing with the colour red especially in dresses, gifts, and flowers. To express your passion through words is common, try showing with colours. Go for burgundy red mixed with white to create an adoring yet attractive look. To come out of your comfort zone, try giving an ombre effect to red, starting with the light tone of red and ending with darkest. Let your walls speak your feelings and express thoughts with style.

Passion for Red

Hans Zimmer Studio

Now is the time to take the lead and boost your imagination and inventiveness, think different, plan something unique and out of the box. The predictions are out, why not pick up some tips and follow some of the latest trends to create a vibrant home full of colours.