It would be wonderful if we could all have our homes beautifully decorated to our desired style, look and finish, however one aspect always seems to block us from getting that marble topped coffee table or lusted over luxury sofa fabrics – the aspect of our budget. We believe that budget should not stand in the way of creating the well-designed or luxury interiors of your dreams. Well thought out and styled interior design doesn’t always need to break the bank – once you have embraced your designated budget you can then learn to be more creative with your design decisions. If you would like one of our highly trained London interior designers to help bring your thoughts and ideas to reality then please give us a call or visit our interior design services online where you can gain creative insight from our past design projects and then get in touch via our contact page. We are here to assist on every step of your design journey!

Trick the Eye With Curtains

As we are very familiar with residences in and around Kensington, many of our most luxurious projects have taken place in residences with high ceilings and many of them flooded with natural light. Trick the eye and achieve a higher ceiling look by hanging your drapery and hardware as high up and as close to the ceiling as you can, and never just directly hung above the window frame.

The eye will then be drawn up to the top of the curtains and achieve the appearance of a loftier space. Another good trick is to add sheer curtains to your space. Sheer curtains and blinds are wonderful at softening any light that comes in and fills the room with a warmth that feels both cosy and luxurious. At Kensington Design we offer our bespoke curtains and blinds services online and in store – you can select fabric samples to be ordered for immediate dispatch so you can be sure of the curtain colour and design before you commit to your order. All our Kensington Design House Fabrics can be seen in-store where we can then help you with any curtain or blinds queries.

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Bring in a Rug:

Rugs are brilliant for pulling together the design of a room, designating an area of a space and can make quite the luxurious statement impact. An area rug brings in much needed warmth, texture and colour – and the larger the rug the more easily you will be able to arrange your furniture on in order to create a more custom and luxurious look.

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If you do not have hardwood floors and are working with carpet adding a rug will help define the different spaces in your home. We offer luxury rugs online and in-store that will not break the bank – from indoor/outdoor rugs to cotton woven, Kilims or any rugs from The Romo Group range – we are sure to be able to help you find the perfect rug for your space – right down from the price, colour, design and size.

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You can browse our range of indoor/outdoor rugs here, cotton woven here, kilims here and Romo Group here. We have samples and colour options in-store so it’s well worth a visit to our showroom if you are thinking of adding a rug to your space!

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Change up Your Lamp Shades:

A great way to create a more personalised and luxurious look for your lamps is to change the old shade your lamp came with to a different option. Changing your shades can have a surprisingly transformative effect on the look in your space and are perfect in helping to introduce new colours, patterns and textures. Changing your lamp shades will also help add dimension and make standard lamps from Ikea or such appear much more unique – there are many affordable shade options to choose from and it is also a great way to follow interior trends without spending a huge amount. At Kensington Design we are able to help you buy creating any size lampshade or style that you need – you don’t need to be on a tight budget to get a beautiful bespoke lampshade created with us and we can help you when it comes to choosing the right fabrics and options for your shades. Get in contact with us to discuss any lamp shade queries or options.

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Add a Fresh Coat of Paint:

Whether you decide to add a new hue to your walls or to your furniture, using paint will have a large impact in your home. Look to your soft furnishings or hardware in each room and choose paint colours that will blend harmoniously – if your furnishings tend to be more neutral choose a colour from that same colour spectrum to create a warming and luxurious atmosphere. It is always essential to test out a few paint colours (either on the wall or on lining paper) and see how the colour changes in different light and at different times of the day.

A gorgeous light grey might look sophisticated in great natural sunlight but in dim light may appear more imposing and have a much colder feel. If painting your walls feels like a large commitment then look to painted furniture – changing the colour of your kitchen cabinets or bedside table can have a large impact on the room. At Kensington Design we offer bespoke furniture to be painted any Farrow & Ball colour of your choice.

bespoke painted furniture online

Where to Look:

One of our most crucial tip’s is to detail the importance of knowing where to head to when you want to find a well-designed piece but at a reasonable price that is within your budget.

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As interior designers we are used to trying to help out clients by coming in under their budget and have learned that by building a list of go-to shops, brands and suppliers, it helps massively to reduce costs – it’s also great to then keep on mailing lists for the places you visit in order to take advantage of any offers, discounts or sales. At Kensington Design we regularly offer our lovely newsletter subscribers great discounts that they can use online AND in-store whilst also offering our first-time subscribers a unique code allowing 15% off their first purchase. You can sign up to our mailing list at any time here to receive our regular offers and discounts.