Summer is slowly slipping away and though we all hope for a long Indian Summer that will see us through to October, we are all beginning to look inwards and know that we will be spending more and more time in our living rooms.

Let me share some latest interior design ideas to refresh your living room

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With £100 in your pocket and lots of energy you can achieve a great amount. An instant pick-me-up for any living room is to add a rug. Whether you prefer an eco-friendly Dash & Albert design, a Persian rug or a more contemporary look, a rug will ground your room.

At Kensington Design our rugs start at less than £100. But you may have to go slightly higher to achieve the correct size, depending upon your space. Large area rugs always ground a room.

There are lots of cheap rugs for sale online and many of them are incredibly charming.

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If a living room rug is too much of a change or too high a price, then you can definitely refresh your room with cushions. We have so many cushions @ less than £100. And sometimes just adding a single piece in the centre of a sofa does the trick.

British Interior Design traditionally always had different cushions for different seasons. Use the same size pads and simply exchange the covers for a lighter summer look or a warmer cosier winter one.

Luxury cushions do not have to be very expensive. There are many colourful cushions online for a more vibrant look and you can shop cushions online with ease.

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Accessories are a great and cost effective way to elevate the design of your living room. Go natural and add fresh flowers to a vase, put fruit (citrus fruits are always great at adding a pop of colour into a neutral space) into a bowl.

Nature always helps breathe life into a room. If you’re wanting to add some flowers or plants into your space but don’t have the time to tend to them,

faux plants and stems are a great alternative. Luxury interior design always includes natural elements into a room.

Residential interior designers in London embrace the wonderful green spaces we have around us and include foliage in the living room.

If your photographic skills are on point then you should have a full library of picturesque or heart-warming pictures. A wonderful way to decorate your walls is to have your own photographs blown up and framed.

This can be done online and a collection of black and white photographs hung correctly creates a great order to your walls. An alternative is to choose an amazing and decorative wallpaper.

Go bold and choose a feature statement. Wallpaper rolls are mostly less than £100 and easy to install yourself.

Pick up on the colours from the soft furnishings in your room – the cushions on the sofa, the colour of your rug etc, and use these colours to guide you on what colour your statement and you have instantly re-designed your room.

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Not many people realise that adding a transparent white roller blind behind your curtain gives an instant lift to the room. It suddenly looks fresh and clean. Transparent roller blinds are well within the budget.

Of course,

it depends upon how many windows you have in your room!

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A pot of paint, a brush and a ladder. Nothing like a fresh coat of paint. Changing the colour of your walls will instantly give your living room a fresh new look.

If you prefer to keep things low key then a great way to update your existing furniture is to paint them in a new colour or change small details such as hooks and knobs. However, if you aren’t up to paint pots and brushes then our painted furniture is a fun and easy alternative option to add some new colour to your living room.

We have a diverse range of furniture online – all can be made to bespoke sizes and in any colour of your choice.

Finally, the best energy of all is to clear your space and give it a really good scrub. Have a good look at each piece when you place it back and ask yourself how much you love it.

Sometimes just re configuring where certain pieces around in the room can revitalise the energy of the room.

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If you find yourself stuck for ideas on how to create a well-designed living room without breaking the bank then come visit our Kensington showroom where we can help and assist you – whatever your budget or design dream is we are available to help you on your design journey.